Immune Modulation Core

BJC1 p10 E8-2

The main objective of this core is to support hematopoetic stem cell transplantation to induce mixed chimera as well as Treg therapy in murine models. The core will maintain and breed specialized strains, including immunocompetent strains used in murine mixed chimerism and Treg experiments that provide insight into the regulation of allo- and auto-immune responses. This core will be responsible for ordering, validating and maintaining antibodies critical for mixed-chimerism induction and relevant reagents. The core personnel will provide technical expertise in related veterinary techniques. The core will also provide services to produce murine and human Treg cells and to genetically modify Treg cells by optimizing conditions.


Everett Meyer and Judith Shizuru


  • Mouse colony maintenance
  • Induction of mixed chimerism
  • Production of CAR Treg cells
  • Human pancreas and pancreas-associated tissue procurement