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Seung K. Kim

Dr. Seung K. Kim

Professor, Department of Developmental Biology and (by courtesy) of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine


Dr. Kim’s diabetes research program over the past 20+ years has made important contributions in several models, including fruit flies, mice and humans. He has innovated methods for studying pancreas and islet biology in these models, and discovered cellular, molecular and genetic mechanisms governing growth, cell fate and development and function of endocrine and exocrine cells in mouse and human pancreas. His collaborations in these areas are extensive and productive. Dr. Kim leads or has led multi-investigator research and training programs, and serves as the Stanford Diabetes Research Center (SDRC) Director. His group has researched pancreatic development, mouse and human islet b ‐cell and b‐cell fate and proliferation, and gene regulation with a focus on islet regeneration and growth in diabetes and cancer. As the co‐Director for the Center, he will have responsibility for the administration and coordination of effort, including overall responsibility for analysis, interpretation and dissemination, and sharing of data and resources. Together with Dr. Hebrok, he assumes responsibility for the scientific directions of the Center, will meet with members of the leadership, executive committee, and the internal and JDRF advisors. He has worked productively with Drs. Meyer, Shizuru, Loh and members of the UCSF team including Drs. Hebrok and Tang.