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Dr. Matthias Hebrok

Dr. Matthias Hebrok

Professor, Diabetes Center and Department of Medicine, UCSF


Dr. Hebrok is a Professor in the Department of Medicine (Endocrinology) and the Director of the UCSF Diabetes Center. His group has researched pancreatic development, mouse and human islet cell formation, generation and progression of pancreatic cancer and formation of pancreatic endocrine cells from human stem cells. As the co‐PI for the Center, Hebrok will have responsibility for the administration and coordination of effort, including overall responsibility for analysis, interpretation and dissemination, and sharing of data and resources. He will coordinate effort as co‐director of Administrative Core A and co‐PI on Project 1. Dr. Hebrok has worked productively with Drs. Marson, Anderson, Tang, Chun, Bluestone, Parent and with Dr. Kim from the Stanford team.