Administrative Core

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Principal objective of the Administrative Core is to provide organizational support, guidance and an enriching environment to promote productive collaboration among researchers at Stanford University and UCSF.

The core will use the following initiatives to achieve this objective:

  1. Direct optimal allocation of COE resources to the research programs described under the goals of the COE
  2. Promote collaborative interactions between scientists at Stanford and UCSF through organizing frequent research progress meetings and seminars
  3. Provide scientists with robust access to research core facilities to enable collaborative and innovative research using state-of-the-art techniques
  4. Coordinate a straining, education and enrichment program to provide career development opportunities to trainees including graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and junior investigators. This includes assistance with competitive fellowships, grants, grant-writing workshops and presentation opportunities
  5. Maintain effective communication between researchers, core facilities and administrators with JDRF program officers and advisors, to enable collborations and maximize research potential
  6. Allocate resources to build a robust translational program through partnering with diabetes clinics and transplantation programs at UCSF and Stanford


Seung Kim, Matthias Hebrok,  Kiran Kocherlakota and Jimmy Chen

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