JDRF Northern California Center of Excellence

Stanford and UCSF

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Our Mission

Center of Excellence: A center of excellence (COE) brings together people from different disciplines and provides shared facilities/resources

JDRF Centers of Excellence are intended to support Universities and/or Research Institutes that have a track record of excellence in T1D research to develop and pursue collaborative research programs that drive towards translational outcomes and clinical impact and are aligned with JDRF Research goals.

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JDRF CoE Annual Scientific Meeting

Virtual Meeting The JDRF Northern California Center of Excellence annual meeting brought all the scientific teams from UCSF and Stanford together for a half-day of presentations and data sharing from ongoing projects.

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Dr. Qizhi Tang

Faculty Profile: Qizhi Tang, PhD

Professor of Surgery, Division of Transplant Surgery, UCSF

Dr. Tang has 20 years’ experiences in type 1 diabetes research in preclinical models and early phase clinical trials. Her lab has two main areas of research: one promoting immune tolerance using Treg cell therapy in type 1 diabetes and transplantation, and another one on beta cell replacement therapy in type 1 diabetes. In Project 1, she will work closely with Dr. Bluestone and others on identify highly islet‐antigen reactive TCRs from pancreas tissue with the goal to use TCRs to redirect Tregs to islets to stall immune attack of the islet. For this effort, her lab has established technology to screen for TCR reactivity, expressing TCRs in Tregs, and assessing Treg function in vitro and in preclinical models.

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